For everything there is a reason, and nothing surprises God. However, in tough times, we may feel as though we need Him even more. During the time that I initially went almost totally blind, I was scared, but I knew I could endure the dark as long as I had Jesus with me. Sometimes that is the way we see things. We are in the dark, all alone. However, Jesus is with you even there and he will see you through the darkness as you make your way back into the light.

Our faith is a battle that struggles onward in the spiritual war on earth. We rely on an unseen God that we are supposed to trust in, while all of the principalities and enemies of this world that we can and cannot see come after us for our souls and the souls of our loved ones.

The very first day that my wife and I discussed my surgery options with the neurosurgeon, I decided right then, that my faith would be unmovable no matter what the outcome was after the surgery. This is the reason that I write. This is my mountain where I am proclaiming my faith and all that Jesus has done for me This is the talent that God has given me to share from. And from this mountain I can reach the world and encourage others to not just live out some of their faith, but rather, live out a faith that cannot be broken: An IronClad Faith